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Though being asked to be a friend’s best man is a great honor, there is an enormous amount of responsibility and a multitude of possible problems that accompany this position. As the best man, an individual has to make sure that the groom’s last days of being single are filled with the kind of debauchery that typically took years to accomplish. The only way to ensure that the groom’s last day as a free man is one that he will truly never forget (and one that will likely keep him warm on days he finds himself in the dog house) is to book an exclusive Las Vegas bachelor party with the premiere VIP services company in the city. However, before the best man just picks a random package, he needs to be aware of the different Las Vegas bachelor party packages that are available.

Drink up and rock out

The most obvious route to go when planning a bachelor party is the drinking and, well, partying option. VIP services include entry to the best clubs in the city, discounted bottle service, and all-you-can-drink options for bachelor parties. Feel like a VIP without paying like one when complete packages, including transportation and hosted nightclub entry, are booked.

Porn stars and strip clubs, oh my!

Feeling naughty? Treat the groom right with a sexy porn star hostess for up to six hours! Where else will a porn star personally patronize a bachelor party, but Vegas? In addition to a porn star hostess, the party can hop from location to location with luxury transportation accommodations and visit the best strip clubs Vegas offers. The groom may be getting married, but he’s not dead! He’ll thank the best man for one last night in the company of dazzling (and barely clothed) women.

Party privately in penthouses

If the groom and the groomsmen prefer to get rowdy in privacy and would rather keep the guest list short, then there are several options available, including private penthouses complete with stunning views of the Las Vegas strip. VIP services can bring the party to the penthouse, including gorgeous hostesses, go-go dancers, DJs, and various other entertainment options. These penthouses are stationed in some of the best hotels in the city, like the Palms, and boast club level service. Party without worrying about other people or dealing with crowds.

Be the best man ever – book at VIP service companies like VIPnVegas. They have the largest variety of Las Vegas bachelor party packages available in the city. Visit today.

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    I am planning a bachelor party for my brother and I want to know what company has the best VIP service. There are 5 guys and we are wanting to do a nice package but (ie. strip club, nightclub, whatever else..) but we don't want to pay CRAAAAAZY price for bottles and everything. Who has the best service/hook ups on prices?

    • In my opinion you don't need VIP service unless you are trying to get into the nightclubs on a 3 day weekend or holiday. If you call in advance about 2 weeks (except for XS when you have to call a full month in advance) and then reconfirm 2 nights before and be sure to show up early, you can get …
      If you don't like paying crazy prices for bottle service, you may want to check out which has a nightlife section with a comparison of bottle prices that I have not seen anywhere else on the web. It will give you an idea of what to expect unless it is a holiday weekend.

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